FAQs on the Humanitarian Architecture

This site is meant to help NGOs navigate and strategically engage with the humanitarian architecture to improve the efficiency of humanitarian response.

There are three ways to find information on this site. On the top right of this page is a small square with three horizontal bars. Click on this and then a menu will slide onto this page from the right. Here you have three options.

  • Scroll through eight broad categories; overarching questions, coordination, leadership, financing, strategies/accountabilities, Level 3 Activation, the Humanitarian Programme Cycle and NGOs and the World Humanitarian Summit and Grand Bargain. There you can peruse topical questions and their answers.
  • Click on one of the frequent key word tags to find answers related to the selected word.
  • Type a word into the key word search such as “clusters” or “Humanitarian Country Team” and you will get a list of all associated answers.

If you have questions on the humanitarian architecture that are not answered here or comments on the site please email us at answers@interaction.org.

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