What is FTS? Are private funds reported to it or just governments? What are the pros and cons of NGOs reporting to it?

The UN OCHA Financial Tracking Service (FTS) is a web-based searchable database of humanitarian requirements and contributions. It is a unique service provided by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, as it is the only system in the world that provides information on global humanitarian aid flows in real- time. It serves to analyze aid and monitor accountability among humanitarian actors, by clearly indicating to what extent a certain population receives humanitarian relief aid, and in what proportion to needs.

All funds utilized in humanitarian response should be reported to FTS.

Pros of NGO reporting:

  • Better overall picture of aid flows in humanitarian response, which will contribute to system-wide efforts to increase humanitarian funding and improve its use
  • Evidence of the volume aid implemented by NGOs

Cons of NGO reporting:

  • Duplication of effort; NGOs already report to donors, headquarters and share information with coordination structures in country