Who do RHCs, a DRSG, a RC/HC and HCs report to?

Resident Coordinators report to the Secretary General through the UNDG Chair (who is the UNDP Administrator), through the Chairs of the Regional UNDG Teams (who are the UNDP Regional Bureau Directors). RCs have an additional reporting line to the ERC for the performance of humanitarian functions.

RC/HCs have a dual reporting line, to the Secretary-General/UNDG Chair for the performance of RC functions, and to the ERC for the performance of HC functions.

HCs, Senior HCs and Regional HCs report to the ERC.

DHCs report to the HCs in their respective country of assignment.

Deputy Special Representatives of the Secretary-General report to the Special Representative of the Secretary-General in their country of assignment.

DSRSG/RC/HCs have three reporting lines, to the SRSG for the performance of DSRSG functions, to the Secretary-General/UNDG Chair for the performance of RC functions, and to the ERC for the performance of HC functions.


How are RHCs, DSRSGs and RC/HCs selected?

The ERC, in consultation with members of the IASC, is responsible for designating leaders for HC-track posts, i.e. Stand-alone HC (HC); Deputy HC (DHC); Senior HC (SHC); Regional HC (RHC); and Deputy Regional HC (DRHC). As a rule, when a crisis erupts in a country where there is already a Resident Coordinator, s/he is designated as HC. In certain cases however, the ERC may choose to designate someone else – usually a Country Team member – as HC, or designate a DHC to support the HC.

The selection process for RC-track posts, i.e. Resident Coordinators (RC); RC/Humanitarian Coordinator (RC/HC); Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General/RC/HC (DSRSG/RC/HC); and Deputy Special Coordinator/RC/HC (DSC/RC/HC) is managed by UNDOCO. In order to be nominated for RC posts, individuals must have passed a screening process called the RC Assessment Centre (RCAC), following which they are placed in the RC Pool. When a vacancy for an RC post arises, UN agencies nominate suitable candidates from the RC Pool. Candidates are then reviewed and shortlisted by the UN Inter-Agency Advisory Panel (IAAP) and then submitted by the UNDG Chair to the Secretary-General for his decision. Following the decision from the Secretary General, a request for accreditation is presented to the country of deployment of the RC. The appointment of the candidate as Resident Coordinator is only confirmed once the accreditation is granted by the host Government.

Once an individual is selected as RC by the Secretary-General, usually the ERC designates him/her as HC following consultation with the IASC. The ERC may otherwise designate as HC the Country Representative of an IASC agency or another individual.